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QUEERBOMB is a free, alternative Pride Rally, March and Festival for those who are unhappy with costly, mainstream, corporatized  LGBTQIA events.

Queerbomb galvanized in 2011 as a direct response to dis-satisfaction with Austin Pride, which to this day still charges hundreds of dollars to community organizations to be part of the parade, to have outreach tables at the annual Pride Festival, charges the public $20-25 to enter, and sells tickets for the privilege of attending associated performances. Furthermore, in a misguided shot at appearing “family friendly” Austin Pride imposes a dress code which alienates a significant portion of our diverse and sex-healthy LGBTQIA communities.

Queerbomb is free for all, and is a glittering expression of our true selves!

Listen up, peeps: this website is for all Queerbombers. Reach out to us at admin@queerbomb.org and we’ll set you up with your own page and email!


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The Rally

Queerbomb Day explodes with entertainment, speeches and glitter galore! Come ready to drink, eat, cheer and show the world just how marvelously QUEER we can get. There will be a cash bar, so no beverages or bottles are allowed in or out of the venue. ASL and Spanish interpretation will be provided.

Admission is free, 21+ only.

The Procession

Once you’re whipped up into a cheerful frenzy, our “Marshas” will line us up in the street and wait for our security escort to give us the signal to “Go”. Marshas will wear ceremonial sashes and direct the flow. Pedicabs will be available (for hire) on the street and at the Rally site. We’ll make merry going along a circuit through the straight entertainment district.

All ages welcome!

The Celebration

Onward to the Celebration (or back to the Rally site), where we party into the wee hours with a cash bar and top DJ! Proceeds from vendor sales cover our final bills. Drink hearty, but responsibly!

Free, 21+ only.